How it works... in less than 5 minutes!


Connect your analytics platform such as Google Analytics by logging into and authorizing configuration.


Select your user audience’s properties such as metrics, dimensions, size and the date range.


Explore our audience reports on most profitable user segments and get actionable audiences that will get the best RIO on your marketing.

Identity Profitable Audiences

Spot the guesswork. Use the data you have in Gooogle Analytics to find the most valuable audiences for your campiagns quickly and without learning anything complex.

Maximize Your Campaign ROI

Make sure you’re not wasting spend on irrelevant audiences. Target the most valuable audiences for increase in conversions.

Make use of your existing data for

Effortless Audiences Insights: Kuncha simplifies the process of obtaining detailed insights into your
audience’s demographics, interests, and behaviors, saving you valuable time and effort.

Data Driven Recommendations: The tool provides data-driven recommendations for the most valuable
audiences to target in your digital marketing campaigns. This helps you make informed decisions and maximize your campaign’s effectiveness.

Streamlined Audience Selection: With Kuncha, you can streamline the audience selection process,
ensuring that you focus your resources on the audiences with the highest conversion potential. This reduces wasted ad spend and improves ROI.

Integrate with key tools in your stack

Kuncha is compatible with GA4, (UA for historical data), and through it various advertising platforms, including Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Bing Ads.